Where do your beans originate?

Our beans are derived from vanilla plants in Madagascar and Réunion. These vanilla beans are known as Bourbon vanilla, named for the island Réunion, which was previously named Île Bourbon.

What is the difference between KC Vanilla extract & other vanilla products on the market?

Our vanilla is purely that: vanilla. It is a premium product. We do not add any natural flavorings, corn syrup, or sugar. Local stores tend to stock a variety of vanilla extracts containing these added ingredients, natural flavors, or imitation (synthetic) vanilla.  The most common sources of synthetic vanillin is: a chemically treated by-product of the paper industry Lignin Vanillin, a coal-tar derivative Ethyl Vanillin, and the most popular today - Vanillin derived from a rice bran extract.

Why is vanilla so expensive?

Vanilla is an extremely temperamental crop; unfortunately, it is subject to disease, natural disasters, and more. Vanilla is the only edible orchid in the orchid family that flowers once a year. It may take a plant up to 3 years before it begins yielding fruit. The flower must be hand pollinated and once grown, it takes 9 months before it can be harvested by hand. Once the pods are harvested, they must endure a six-week processing and drying time. Vanilla must rest for an additional one to two months before being bundled and shipped. While modern technology has helped to develop an accelerated drying process, we are finding the quality is drastically reduced.

Vanilla is special, and we want to help preserve these crops for the future. 

Do you support ethical & sustainable vanilla sourcing?

We pride ourselves in supporting vanilla farmers. What sets us apart is our commitment to using suppliers and processors from Madagascar who ethically source vanilla beans through fair-trade. This creates a win-win for the local farmers and economy. 

How do I store my vanilla extract?

Store your vanilla on a shelf in your pantry or cabinet. It stays best between 60-70 degrees in a dark environment. Please keep your extract away from heat.

What are the specks in my vanilla extract?

The specks you see in the extract bottle are the tiny seeds from the vanilla beans. It’s recommended you shake your vanilla frequently, especially before each use.

If you would prefer vanilla without the seeds we recommend straining the vanilla through cheesecloth. However, some seeds may remain.

How are the beans packaged?

Our vanilla beans come vacuumed sealed. We recommend not breaking the seal until you are ready to use the beans. This ensures the beans will stay fresh for months to years.

How do I store my beans? 

For beans still vacuumed sealed, store them in a cool, dry, dark place, like a pantry or cabinet shelf. 

All beans should be kept in their vacuumed sealed package or an airtight container, preferably glass.